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Michael's Story...

(Warning Long Winded...Proceed At Your Own Risk)

Michael is originally from Albuquerque(think Bugs Bunny) New Mexico, where he did his best interpretation of becoming a professional basketball player. 
The problem was he was only 5’10 and wasn’t nearly good enough to hit the broad side of a barn. He got cut from his varsity team his senior year…

This lead him to pursue his next passion…

Competitive Ballroom Dance.

As he chased this new dream of becoming a professional ballroom dancer, he won a couple of United States championships and earned a scholarship to the famous university for ballroom dance. Brigham Young University.

There he found out he needed glasses and really might have been pretty good at basketball…but still not good enough to play college ball.

He graduated from BYU in four years with a degree in Geography with an emphasis in Travel and Tourism. 
During that time he gained a passion for teaching ballroom dance, traveling the world, and getting out of school as soon as humanly possible... 
He did summer school every year to make it go faster.

When he graduated he was courted by two of the current U.S. Champions to move to the East Coast and teach for them at one of the most prestigious studios in the country. There he trained professionally and became a U.S. finalist in the professional Ten Dance Category with his college sweetheart and later wife.

During his professional dance career, he became one of the top teachers in the country and managed one of the biggest studios in the nation. 
He later went on to open his own competitive dance studio and trained many amateur and professional champions. 
He became a professional teachers examiner as well as an adjudicator on the professional circuit.

On his journey, he realized that he was truly messed up in the head, like most of us silly humans, and set out early on to figure out the keys to being in control of the chatter that doesn’t matter between our ears.

So in the process of figuring himself out, he trained and was certified as a Life Coach and got his master practitioner's license in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

As if dancing professionally wasn’t enough he started a Personal Development company called Majic for Life and begin helping others with the challenges that keep them from succeeding. 
From marriage counseling, weight loss coaching, life coaching, and suicide prevention Michael learned to help those in need and started expanding to the business world where he began training sales teams, coaching companies, and helping C-suite professionals.

After he retired from competing...

He added working with software companies to his journey. He became the Chief Operating Officer of a software company where he built a 10 million dollar coaching program, revamped their culture, and created dynamic systems that helped the company grow and prosper.

He loved software so much that he proceeded to create his own software company and a couple of other companies before moving on to helping build a marketing company that helped startups and service-based companies create their marketing and grow their businesses.

Michael is currently Co-owner of Business Choreography which helps businesses choreograph their Marketing, Operations, and Sales into dynamic systems that help them grow, scale, and create more impact.

Michael has a beautiful family...

He has four awesome children that are into all sorts of fun things from Golf and Interior design to Rubix cube competitions, mountain biking, horseback riding, snakes, singing, and yes of course dance. 

If you’ve actually read this far, then honestly you probably need to chat with Michael. He loves collaborating with people and investing in businesses and helping them grow.

Join us on the Business Choreography Podcast where we talk about choreographing your Marketing, Operations, and Sales into dynamic systems that increase your revenue and your impact. We explore solid business principles and discuss all things that make businesses dance to success with clarity.

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